I’m jumping straight into it this week with news that AFTER THE END is back from the copy-editor. Apart from the normal litter of minor comments, punctuation and structure changes, I’m pleased to report there is no major feedback with the book. This means I’m on track for the release date of 27th November.

I have 2-3 weeks to implement the comments, along with a complete read-thorough, then its on to my wife for a proof read before release to the ARC readers. Whilst that is going on I have to format for Kindle and paperback, get the paperback cover completed and proof the final print. It’ll be tight, but I’ll give it my best as always. If the ARC readers have a couple of weeks, that should be enough.

This week I’ve made reasonable progress on the edit of FROM THE DEAD, spending a lot of time tying up the plot details and making sure the changes I’ve made carry through.

I’ve commissioned the audio book for LESSON LEARNED and it’s slated for production to start in 6 weeks time using the narrator from OPERATION DAWN WOLF.


September has been one of my highest profit months but that is down to my push on the audiobook codes. This has artificially inflated my sales and isn’t useful in further understanding how I am progressing with my marketing approach. Nonetheless it is common sense to cash in the value of the audio codes and increase the number of reviews.

IN THE END is only 2 reviews away from fifty in the US audible store. Hopefully with all the codes I’m giving out it will give it a boost and get to the magic mark.

I have restarted the campaign for OPERATION DAWN WOLF in the hope that this may trigger sales of the audiobook as well as getting people into the series. We’ll wait and see.

I have produced another advert, which I’m testing out in the mix of ads to see if it’s any better than the ones I have already.

I think that’s about all I have for this week. Next week it’s head down on AFTER THE END! Comments and questions welcomed as always.

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