I’ve implemented / approved each of the copy-edit changes to AFTER THE END, plus I’ve formatted it for paperback which, despite being a laborious task, I quite enjoy. I’m now around half way through the final read-through. I hope to have it finished over the weekend, that is if it wins the battle for my attention over my landscaping efforts in our front garden and the Formula One Grand Prix.

This week the pre-orders of the book have broken the record set by IN THE END and there’s still just under two months to go before the release. I have the paperback cover to complete, which I should be delivered next week despite my designer having amazing success with one of his projects.

I have been thinking about whether or not to do a read through of IN THE END once the current work on AFTER THE END is completed. As always I’ve kept on learning and there are a few things, like catch words, I want to change in the book. We’ll have to see if I want to take a week or two out of writing FROM THE DEAD to do this.


There’s not much to say about sales and marketing this week as I’ve settled into what I think is the norm. The £20 a day ad campaign for IN THE END is ticking along and I’m still giving away audio codes at every opportunity. I’m getting a steady stream of reviews, of which most are four or five star. The £5 a day campaign for OPERATION DAWN WOLF is drawing in downloads, but no follow on sales as of yet.

I’ve recently added another ad to the IN THE END campaign to see if I can increase the effectiveness of the campaign and you can check out the image below. It’s too early to tell if it is better than the current two.

It’s a short one this week as there’s not much to talk about while I plod on with preparations for the new release. Catch you next week.

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