Despite the constant background of the pandemic which meant new ways of working, cancelled events and appearances and the continual bad news, 2020 has been a very productive year for my writing. I released three books and two audiobooks, but those are just the headlines. I also wrote two novellas and completed the edit of another full novel. I also found my mojo with marketing of the IN THE END series. There’s still more to do on that but it’s on a very solid base.

It goes without saying that 2020 has been by far my best year for sales. Here’s some stats:

  • Ebook & Paperback Sales Units = 2,926
  • Kindle Unlimited Page Reads = 780,633
  • Free Books given away = 10,741
  • Audiobook Sales = 686
  • Paid Book Sales (All formats*) = 5,842

*Includes an estimate of full books read on Kindle Unlimited.

These sales units represent a ten fold increase from 2019. Let’s hope 2021 can further increase that figure!

I’d planned for 2020 to be a big year for events, but I only managed three. With the optimism of the UK’s vaccination programme, I’ve taken heart that 2021 will be a much better year than I could ever have wished for 2020. I have nine events booked already. These are all craft fairs and I won’t be doing any appearances in WHSmith because the benefits are so small. I have some great ideas for promotion during the events and as I work out the detail, I’ll be letting you all know.

So what have I got planned for my writing in 2021?

My main writing objective is to complete the drafting of the first of a new post-apocalyptic series of books. I also want to outline the entire series plot arc and figure out how many books will be in series. I have no current plans to write Carrie Harris books, however I will spend a lot of energy testing different strategies to find out if I can make the series profitable. If I can then I will develop those books in parrallel with the new PA series. If I can’t make it profitable then I’ll just keep it as a vanity project as I love writing about her so much.

I’ll also be continuing my attempts to upscale my advertising, sales and profitability of the IN THE END series.


Here’s a quick snapshot of the current release schedule. I’ve only included those projects which are far enough along the production schedule to be certain which quarter people can get their hands on the work.

Quarter 1

  • LESSON LEARNED – Audiobook
  • BEGINNING OF THE END – An In The End Novella
  • CAPITAL ACTION – A Carrie Harris Novella
  • AFTER THE END – Audiobook

Quarter 2

  • FROM THE DEAD – A Carrie Harris Novel
  • BEGINNING OF THE END – Audiobook
  • CAPITAL ACTION – Audiobook

Quarter 3

  • FROM THE DEAD – Audiobook

I may also release the second book in the James Fisher series – THEIR RIGHT TO VENGEANCE towards the end of the year. This is written but needs to be re-edited.

Well that’s it for this review. It’s great to look back and see all I have accomplished this year and to look forward with such excitement at my plans for 2021. I hope you are able to celebrate in your own way. I will be having a party with my household whilst raising a glass to a big celebration in the spring with everyone who should have been with us tonight.


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