I went to the pub!! And it was brilliant. So great to see two of my best friends and be able to relax with a pint or six. It won’t be too long now where we can stay over our friend’s house a catch up on all of the things we’ve all not been doing in lockdown.


I found out on Monday that the event which was meant to take place tomorrow in Guildford has now been cancelled. It was something to do with the venue deciding not to open again until June. I was very gutted as I was so looking forward to it and I decided I had to do something so booked a stall at Staines Market, but now the weather is looking terrible I will have to postpone that for another week. It’s an outdoor market and wind and rain does not mix well with books.

I’m expecting new events to be released soon so I’m hoping to book more for later in the year.


From the Dead – I’m two thirds through with the edit with at least one more to go after this.

Beginning of the End Audiobook – The book is still showing at ‘Casting in Progress.’ I checked back with Findaway Voices and it was only meant to take up to two weeks so I’ve emailed them to see what is going on. I haven’t heard back yet. It’s been two days now and I would have expected to have heard back by now.

Purple Rain Series Book One – I’m 44,000 words into the draft and back to drafting from an outline.


Everything is going much the same as it did last week which is very positive. I don’t plan on making any changes in the near future. I’m getting some wonderful feedback from the people in the Facebook zombie group, along with some great reviews too.

I sent out another email to my list to let them know that AFTER THE END was out on audiobook, plus to remind them about my free offerings to the people on my list. I also did a simple newsletter swap with another author where I introduced him my readers and he did the same in his.

It’s just a short update this week. Hopefully soon I will have some positive news on future events. Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.

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