The weather is looking much better for this coming Saturday, although still not what you would expect for this time of year, so I will definitely be running a stall this Saturday to show off my books at Staines Market. I’ll let you know how it goes next week. My expectations are low so it won’t take much to consider it a success!


Beginning of the End Audiobook – I have finally received the casting suggestions back from Findaway Voices, and only a couple of hours before their customer services emailed me back. The choices were a good fit but I was more than a little shocked at the rates. Some were upwards of $400 per finished hour whereas I have been paying in the region of $100 pfh. I asked the lowest cost one to provide an audition, which was still nearly $200 pfh and it came back within a few days. I’m pretty happy with what he has come back with but I’m yet to make a final decision. I think I need to have a listen again and then make a choice. If I don’t go with him then I will have to look elsewhere for narration.

From the Dead – I have around 30 pages left to edit until it goes to bed for a couple of weeks then I read through again. This has been taking a lot of time because I’ve been doing a lot of intense marketing.

Purple Rain – Book 1 – The draft currently stands at 57,000 words out of an expected 70,000 words total, so things are going well.

In The End Standalone Novel – I had a couple of hours to myself over the weekend and I didn’t feel like working on any of the other projects so I decided the make a start on the first chapter of this book. I probably should just wait at least until the first draft of the Purple Rain book is complete but I know I can sell this standalone novel as soon it is finished, which is highly motivating!


I still have the IN THE END Facebook campaign rolling, although I did turn it off for a couple of hours in a fit of indecision in the week. My main marketing activity has been focused on the zombie fiction group I’m a member of. I’m both getting to know the members and therefore selling them books and I’m hosting a giveaway of my books and some merchandise.

If you want to check out the giveaway then you’ll need to join the group.

A selection of what I’m giving away

The giveaway has had an amazing response and with three days to go until entries close I’ve had over two hundred entries! It’s great for raising my profile plus I can offer all of those who didn’t win a conciliation of a free ebook copy of my novellas! It’s a win win for me. I just have to come up with an even better idea for the following week!

Not only have I received a nice little bump in my sales I have also had some lovely feedback and some great reviews! If only I could find something similar for my Carrie Harris series…

The other thing I’m looking into is more merch for the IN THE END series. I want this to be the kind of thing people want to pay for and that I can also giveaway. My current research tells something like pens, something useful at least, would be the best thing. I need to find a unique design and of course they have to be cost effective.

I think that’s about everything that’s been going on this week. Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.


  • GJ,

    Getting those stories all out of your head is a feat! I commend your balancing act between all the stages of pre, production, and post! Hope your online and in person connections keep connecting.



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