Just a short post today. I have a day off from the day job as I’m taking some time out to landscape the back garden but hopefully I won’t miss too much writing time.


This weekend is my first event in what seems like ages but has only been around 6 weeks. I’ll be at Sindlesham Court, Sindlesham RG41 5EA from 10am both Saturday and Sunday if you want to pop along. I know of at least two fans who will be trying to make it to see me. I plan on giving out bookmarks as my main draw to the stall, along with my charisma of course! It’s a two day event so it will be pretty tiring but should be great fun. As I’ve done this event before I don’t have the normal setup anxiety I get when going to somewhere I’ve never had a stall before.

I’ve been asked to do a short video of the event from a member of my fan club who lives in the US, so I’ll have to figure that all out!

I’m booked in to get my second jab on Saturday, but I’m hoping the after effects won’t be as bad as the first one.

Work in Progress

Purple Rain Series – Book One – I’m 19,000 words through the first revision, so thats about a quarter through the book and I’m very pleased with the results so far.

Sales and Marketing

This month is turning into an excellent month for profit and the itching to turn the Facebook ads has almost subsided now. However these profit figures are not with me coasting along, it is all because I’m engaging with people on a one to one process. I turned the ads off seven days into June and it’s now far enough through the month to see that not using the ads has halved my sales units by half, page reads by half and audio by twenty percent, but because I only have a minor expenditure on a UK AMS ad, even at this stage of the month I’ve surpassed last months already good profit levels.

Great reviews also continue to come in, you can check out my facebook page if you want to see some of the best one.

I plan to keep the Facebook ads off next month too.

Not much else to say at the moment other than the fan club is going well and it’s slowly building up the members so if you want to join and help build the atmosphere then you can by following this link.


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