Last weekend I attended a two day indoor craft market. It was the same venue I attended at Christmas for a very successful market last year. The gave me high hopes. The event was a moderate success, but didn’t make the decent profit I made at Christmas. I gave away around 30 novellas and sold around 15 books, meaning a modest profit. I don’t regret doing the event and I’ve already signed up for the next Christmas one. I succeeded in getting the word out to a lot more people.

My next event is on Saturday the 10th July in Henley, a town famous for its annual regatta.


Back in April I signed up for a free service with a website called Voracious Readers. They promise to get you 20 sign ups for your reader magnet. The service provided the 20 sign ups within 3 days of release and I gained at least a couple of great reviews. I have now signed up for a monthly service to continue getting sign ups. It’s costing a maximum of $20 per month and you can cancel at any time, so we’ll see how it goes.


Purple Rain Series – Book 1 – Progress is going well and I’m about 21,000 words into the first edit, with the manuscript swelling to 83,000 words.

I’ve made no progress on any other work because marketing is taking up all of my spare time.


Still with no Facebook ads running I’ve nearly equalled my highest ever profit level for a month. Along with that I’ve also added over 370 subscribers to my mailing list, which is a massive number for me. I’m also getting loads of reviews, and compliments about how I am marketing. However this success is coming at a price, which is a reduction of productivity. With only a limited amount of time this was always going to be the case but it gives me a great sense that if I had more time then I would be able to smash through those numbers. Food for thought. Perhaps my ten year plan doesn’t need to be so long…

That’s it for me this week, I need to get on with some more marketing.

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