Next Friday I will be at Silverstone for the Formula 1 British Grand Prix so this will be my last post for a week! Summer is looking like being great weather for camping and finishing off the garden so I’m in a happy place.


This Saturday I’ll be in Henley-On-Thames at a craft market event at the town hall hoping to convince some of the well-off residents of this famous English town that zombies are the way to go, or at least spy fiction perhaps.

I’ve now pre-booked all of my events with the same provider for 2022, hoping that will be a representative year in which I decide if doing these events is actually worth my while. I make little money from them, but they are great fun, despite the hard work.


Purple Rain Series – Book One – The first edit is proceeding well, with around 30,000 words into it the pace is keeping up nicely.

From The Dead – Positive feedback from readers of the other Carrie Harris books is helping me to focus some more effort on the current round of editing. I hope at the latest to be complete with this round by the end of July.


Relying only on unpaid advertising, sales are heading in the right direction. If I keep up the massive effort on person by person marketing then I stand to have a record month. I don’t know how long I can keep this up but I’m certainly making the most of it whilst I can.

Although I’m selling a lower volume of books than when I was running ads, I’m connected to the readers who are buying and they’re coming back to me with feedback, all of which has been very positive.

Everything Else

I continue to add masses of readers to my mailing list, in a small part down to the Voracious Readers subscription which had netted me over 40 new subscribers and two great reviews. I also continue to build my fan club. I’ve decided to do a big giveaway to the fan club members, where I will be showcasing each of my books and giving away at least one signed copy of each to lucky members. In addition I plan a few amazing prizes to give away. I’m doing this when the membership reaches 300 so if you want a chance to win then join now by following this link!

That’s it for the next couple of weeks! Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.


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