So I got COVID. I’ve been pretty unwell since Monday. A high fever and joint pains and now the cough is coming in, but the time between painkiller doses is getting less so hopefully I’m over the worst. The rest of the family have tested negative so the worst part of this is being on my own in a room in the house. However it’s given me time to do some writing and other author admin when I feel up to it. I’m double jabbed so I hate to think what it would have been like if I hadn’t had both injections.

Subject to me getting well quickly enough, isolation ends at the end of next week so it should mean we will be able to go on our planned camping trip as a family.

This all comes off a great weekend at Silverstone, and probably where I picked it up. Both of the guys I shared a tent with have tested negative so it looks like I’m the unlucky one!


The 10th July I had a stall at the Henley On Thames craft market, selling 14 books and giving away 17 novellas, I made a small return on the day, so I count it as a success. Although the parking was a pain, it’s an event I would like to do again in the future.


My fan club is really coming to life now. I have over 600 members and that’s growing all the time. I’m using the forum to showcase books that my readers probably haven’t heard of. The first book I gave away was Fate’s Ambition and the reaction to the story and concept behind the work was amazing (although that hasn’t so far turned into many sales). This does however give me more confidence in the book and make it much more likely that I will publish the other two in the series sooner rather than later.

If you want a chance to win a signed copy of one of my books, a new book each week, then head over and join Antics & Escapades.


After meeting a fellow writer on social media, she very kindly added my mailing list signup to her newsletter and last week on the morning I woke early to head out to Silverstone I noticed that my subscribers had jumped by 150 overnight. This was great news until I realised that it had pushed me over the free limits for the account and so it was locked. I had to frantically subscribe to the paid level in order that my news subscribers could get their books.

I knew I was getting close to the limit where I had to look at the options for moving forward, but I didn’t think it would happen this quickly. I’m now paying around £25 a month for the service so I need to see what other options I have available as I know there are cheaper ways to do the same thing.


Purple Rain Series – Book 1 – It’s about half way through the first revision and is progressing well. I’m consolidating themes and at some points I’m having to adjust bits and pieces so it slows down at stages, but that’s normal.

From The Dead – I completed the read-through last week and I’ve just printed it out again only yesterday and started what I hope to be the final read-through before the next editing / review stage. I have 90% left to go but I plan to get on with it pretty quickly.

I’m still torn on the next book to work on. I have a lot of people asking for another book for the IN THE END series, but I also want to edit the sequel to Fate’s Ambition. I still have time to think this through.


Sales are strong using the same model as last month. I’m set to beat last month’s gross profit using the person to person approach. Plus I’m getting great feedback and reviews. I don’t see the end of this approach quite yet!

That’s it for this week. Hopefully I will have some positive news about how I’m feeling in a week, but for now I will revel in the time to rest. Stay safe everyone.


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