Weather Apocalypse Series – Book One – I’m come up with some possible new titles for the series including Scarlet Rain, or Blood Rain, but I’m not quite sure yet. I’m 23,000 words into the latest edit with the manuscript at around 110,000 words. I aim to get it to around 100,000.

The Gemini Assignment Audiobook – This is now in my hands to listen to the files and approve them. My very least favourite thing to do, but I’m 14 chapters down already.

Harm’s Way – The first of my Agent Carrie Harris shorts (4,000 words) is with my editor and should be back by Monday. After a quick proof read I’ll be putting this on Amazon for 99p/99c and giving it away free to my mailing list and fan club, plus wherever else I can.

Life’s A Beach – This is the working title for another short story for Agent Carrie Harris. It came from an idea that’s been brewing at the back of my head for a little while now. I managed to get around 5,000 words of an outline down on the page on Saturday and now I’m working on writing the draft, but not taking away any time from editing the latest novel. I’m on the last few scenes of the first draft and expect it to be around 10,000 words.

I expect the next short I’ll work on will be something like a chapter long. That’s going to be a challenge which I’m very much looking forward too.


I’m currently running two mailing list builder promos with other authors via BookFunnel and I’ve added over 200 new subscribers in the last week, so we’ll wait and see how that works for converting to sales!

Here are the two promos if you want some free books!

I have another, this time for the zombie books, starting at the end of the week.

Sales of IN THE END are okay considering that I’m not doing any paid advertising at all, which is much less stressful. In fact I’m not doing any marketing really (other than the Carrie books via the mailing list promos) as I’m spending all my spare time working on the Carrie shorts. All this is inline with the objectives I set at the beginning of the year.


I’ve been rejected again from Amazon Associates, this time because I share screenshots of my Amazon reviews on Facebook. It’s not worth the hassle to delete everything I shared on facebook. Their loss. Plus I hear that you’re not allowed to use referral links in email, it’s considered offline.

I think that’s about if for this week, I’m properly itching to get out and sell at events but there’s still about 9 weeks to go! Comments and questions welcomed as always!

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