The first event of the year due to take place in Guildford at the beginning of March has now been cancelled due to issues with the building. However, I consoled myself by squeezing in another two craft fairs I haven’t yet been to. Here’s the latest list:

  • 12th March – Salisbury
  • 2nd April – Thame
  • 14th April – Wokingham
  • 21st May – Witney
  • 18th June – Devises
  • 25th June – Hungerford
  • 16th July – Marlborough
  • 3rd Sept – Henley
  • 24th Sept – Godalming
  • 22nd Oct – Abingdon
  • 12th Nov – Godalming
  • Nov / Dec – Sindlesham (Dates TBC)
  • 3rd Dec – Guildford¬†


The Gemini Assignment Audiobook – This is now approved and submitted to ACX sp should be out in the next couple of weeks!

Life’s A Beach – Working Title – Carrie Harris Short Story – This is with beta readers and I’ll be following up for feedback at the weekend, but the one response I have had is very positive, especially about the ending. Next week I will make any updates following feedback and should then have it with my editor by my next post here.

Scarlet Rain – Book 1 – Having reduced the manuscript by 7,000 words since I started this revision, I’m coming up to half way through this editing pass.

Agent Carrie Harris Crossover Short Story – This short story is all outlined and the first draft is sitting at around 4,500 words. I estimate it will be around 7,500 words long. (Around 45 minutes reading time). I have big plans for promo on this as it will be great for both my series!

Harms’ Way – Carrie Harris Short Story – I received the A6 print books and they’re perfect for handing out at events and giveaways. They cost a total of 66p including UK postage, so great for competitions, one of which I’m running in my fan club right now. I plan to drop them in public places too!


With no active promotions on my mailing list new subscribers are only dribbling in. Sales of Kindle and paperback are non-existent but Kindle page reads and audio sales are helping to keep my spirits up. I still prefer this method over the worry of low sales when I’m advertising and plan to stick with promoting the mailing list to draw in people.

As part of my marketing I spoke some time ago with someone who runs a review website, then out of the blue last week I got a lovely email with a link to the review for BEGINNING OF THE END. I don’t think I could have asked for better. Just look at the title!

I think that’s about all for this week. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.


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