Harm’s Way – An Agent Carrie Harris Action Thriller Short Story – This is out in to the world and you can read it for free by following this link. It’s 4,000 words, so twenty minutes of your life, and getting a great reception. If you’ve read none of my fiction yet, then this is the one to check out.

Along with the ebook publishing methods I mentioned last week, I also couldn’t resist having it printed as an A6 twenty page booklet. I’m a sucker for something you can hold, and at around 30p per copy it’s something else I can giveaway for free at events or whatever the occasion might be. They’re due for delivery today!

Life’s a Beach (Working Title) – An Agent Carrie Harris Action Thriller Short Story – This one is 10,000 words so it’s more like an hour’s read and it’s nearly ready for beta-read, just one more read-through to go.

I’ve been trying to come up with some inspiration of what short to write next and inspiration came whilst I was driving to pick my daughter up. I wanted to write another Carrie Harris short but I also thought perhaps I should write something from the zombie world to give to my core of fans.. Then it hit me. Why don’t I write a cross-over story? A zombie themed story with Carrie in it. So that’s what I’ve started! Depending on the reaction to this when it’s finished, maybe there could be a book or a new series in there!

Blood Rain Series – Book 1 – I’m around 40% through the latest revision, knowing there will be at least another one. I’ve cut another 1,000 plus words so all is going well.

The Gemini Assignment – Audiobook – I’ve finished my approval listen and at the weekend I’ll present my comments, around ten, to Deborah for re-recording, then for onward submission to ACX.


What can I say here… Sales are on the floor, barely trickling in. The only promotion I’m doing is for mailing list swaps. I’m getting good downloads, but what I need are for them to pick up the series. Time will tell and I’m still continuing on the same tack.

I was tempted a couple of times to turn the AMS ads back on but I’ve managed to hold off so far. I’m going to test Harm’s Way as a reader magnet to any upcoming swaps to see it that improves the read-through rate for Carrie’s series.

I think that’s probably all I have to say for this week. Until next time. Comments and suggestions are welcomed as always.

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