Stopping Power – An Agent Carrie Harris Undead Short Story – The A6 booklets have been delayed by the incompetence of DPD to deliver them to my office two days in a row. This is very frustrating as I wanted to have them for my event on Saturday. Who knows when I will get them now?

Scarlet Rain Series – Weather Apocalypse Thriller – Book 1 – Having completed the major run through I have been working on for what seems like ages, I have now started back at the beginning again. I’m really enjoying this new editing run as it’s just polishing words rather than building sentences and redefining the plot. I got a little worried when working on the first chapter because it took me three hours to get to my liking, but then the second and third chapters were only half an hour each so I’m hoping that’s the way the rest will go.

Carrie Harris Short Stories – I have another idea for a short story for Carrie Harris, but I’m going to leave it to develop in my head until I get a good chance to start writing it outside of my normal writing time.


I’ve been quite busy this week with promotion. I put both IN THE END and OPERATION DAWN WOLF to 99p/99c until tomorrow and have been promoting it to my mailing list and on Facebook. I’ve had a few more sales and page reads seem to have gone up a little as well. I also appeared on the Written Undead’s video podcast on Saturday night, which was great fun and I look forward to doing it again.

With the Ko-Fi experiment a flop, I’ve now added OUT OF THE BLUE to Amazon and I’m running a giveaway of 10 ebook copies of STOPPING POWER and 10 ebook copies of OUT OF THE BLUE on my fan group to boost their profile and try for some more reviews.

If you want to enter then here’s the link


Tomorrow I will be at Wokingham Town Hall at the craft fair selling my books, despite not having STOPPING POWER to give away, I will have OUT OF THE BLUE. Crossing my fingers for a good day as this is one I have never been too and it’s one of the highest costs.

The background work with the agent is rumbling on and last weekend I was asked to produce a summary of each of my Carrie Harris books and shorter stories. It was pretty hard to take thousands of words and distill them down into a couple of paragraphs each. It’s been less than a week since I last heard anything, so no news is good news I guess!

Catch you all next week for the latest update, shopping and gardening awaits! Comments and suggestions always welcomed!


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