Having concentrated on the episodic series Agent Carrie Harris story to follow up STOPPING POWER, I’ve now completed the second episode (with the original short story being the first) and I started working on the third episode yesterday.

For now at least, the overall story, and the eventual novel, is going to be titled STOPPING POWER but there will be an episode title for each. So the first episode will be called STOPPING POWER: PILOT / BRASS PIKE and I’m working on the title of the second episode. I guess I’ll also have to write short blurbs for each episode as well.

When I get the first episode A6 booklet reprinted it will have the new title and a new introduction which will explain it is the first episode in a series.

I’m not sure how quickly I will release the second episode, or even send it for editing because I need to make sure all of the key story is laid down in the early chapters. Even though I’ve only written 1,500 words for episode three I’ve already added in an extra line in episode two to help knit the story together. I’ll have to wait and see what I feel once I’ve completed episode three as to whether I feel confident to make so I can’t change episode two. My aim is still to turn an episode around (from a writing perspective) within two weeks.


My next event is this Saturday at RAF Halton and signals the start of a three weekend run of selling books. The weather is looking great, which is important as it’s outdoors, and I get to use my gazebo, plus my wife will be my assistant so I get to spend time with her as well. I’ll be sure to give a full after action report next week.

Marketing & Promotion

The first of the one hundred plus A6 short stories I’ve sent out in the last few weeks are arriving at their destinations. I’m hoping for positive feedback, and hopefully follow on sales, but I’ll have to wait and see. So far I’ve promoted this offer to my fan club and my mailing list with a great response.

I’m still seeing Page Reads on the Carrie Harris books most days, so it does appear that the effort if having some effect.

I had a marvellous delivery of a thousand copies of HARM’S WAY this week, less the ones lost due to the massive damage to the boxes thanks to the courier (don’t worry I got some money back on this), so I’ll be giving these books away for a little while yet!

That’s everything for this week and as always, comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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  • Hi GJ,

    As always good to hear your progress. Hope the sales go well and you get some good time with your wife.




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