Hungerford was another success! I didn’t quite hit the same heights as Devizes the week before, but it was well above average. OPERATION DAWN WOLF sold well, as did the short story sets, nearly hitting the twenty mark. This means I won’t discard this event when I come to book for 2023 next month.

After the event I even got a lovely email from someone who bought OPERATION DAWN WOLF.

Hi Gareth 

I purchased books from you at the Hungerford fair on Saturday. I started reading “dawn wolf”on Sunday and completed it last night – very late. What a gripping story and most intriguing format. The plot was incredibly effective with a most surprising conclusion. 

Well done on such a great book. 

The format of the book is also great – it has a great aesthetic feel to it – the size and weight of paper is well chosen. 

I will be purchasing some books on kindle as I need to limit bulk and weight when walking the camino.

Well done – wishing you all success with your writing and book sales

My next event is in two weeks, back at Marlborough, which was the first one of this type I attended and it will be interesting to see how I do again. Last time I barely broke each, so I’m hoping for more of course. All I can remember about it was the long walk dragging my books back up the hill at the end of the day, and there is no lift up to the first floor where it is held. All this gives me extra motivation to sell as many books as possible and lighten the load!

The additional book related items I mentioned almost two months ago have now arrived. The first package took three weeks to get to me and when it did it was empty, ripped right open. The second again took three weeks in second class post, and when it arrived the sender had under-paid the postage. At least now I get to try them out at Marlborough and I can reveal all.


Stopping Power – Agent Carrie Harris Undead Series – Episode 2 just needs another run through, then it’s ready for editing. Episodes 3 & 4 need a couple of revision rounds before I write their blurbs and crack on with episode 5.

I’m getting close to running out of two of my short stories now, what with giving so many away and selling them online as well. I have one set on order but I want to make some changes to STOPPING POWER to reflect the new episode structure. I’ve updated the cover and I just want to add in the blurb for episode two at the back.

This is what I’ve come up with so far:

Unable to hide from what she’d seen at Brass Pike, Agent Harris dives feet first back into what she does best, but can she push away her nightmares long enough to keep herself safe.

I also have titles for the first four episodes, each has been easy to choose, just coming to me as I edited the works.

  • Episode 1 – Brass Pike (The original short story)
  • Episode 2 – Contact
  • Episode 3 – Overkill
  • Episode 4 – Bloodshot

That’s it for this short update, I should be back next week with more. Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.

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