I finally did a thing! Last weekend I had my first ever flight in a helicopter and I took the controls for over fifteen minutes. That sounds quite grand, but what it actually involved was doing my best to keep the thing pointed in the right direction and not spinning around as my instructor corrected my inputs, much like an editor. Ha.

If you squint really hard you can see it’s me in the R22

The experience was great, I felt so vulnerable in an aircraft that I could almost fit in my pocket, with barely enough space to fit both of us inside. Overall, after the initial terror, it was very enjoyable, but probably something not to be repeated. Perhaps I will fly a plane next!


With episodes 2, 3 & 4 with the editor and expected to be back with me by mid-august, I have worked out a schedule that hopefully both myself and my editor will be able to keep up with. If I can, then I will shorten the dates between releases.

  • Episode 1 – Brass Pike – Out
  • Episode 2 – Contact – 9th September
  • Episode 3 – Overkill – 30th September
  • Episode 4 – Bloodshot – 21st October
  • Episode 5 – Rampage* – 11th November
  • Episode 6 – Berserk* – 2nd December

* Working titles

Episode 5 is now drafted and I’m halfway through drafting episode 6. Writing and then editing the episodes in batches of three seems to be a good fit. With my impending holiday it’s going to be quite a tall order to get these three episodes to my editor by the start of September, but I’m hopeful.


My main promotion at the moment, alongside any mailing list shares I’m doing about once a month, is giving away copies of STOPPING POWER (Episode One). So far I’ve given away around one hundred and fifty copies and the feedback has been great. I’ll wait and see how that translates when the first paid episodes come out!

Here’s what 500 copies of Stopping Power Episode 1 look like!


I’ve decided I will be attending my event this Saturday in Marlborough. On balance, I think the covid risk is small. Let’s hope those aren’t my famous last words.

This week I have booked up events for 2023, choosing two per month except for July and August, which I won’t book until I know various holiday and events dates, and December, where I have booked more, including on weekdays where available. As soon as my places are confirmed, I’ll share them with you.

That’s it for this week and next week will be the last before I take a break for the summer. Can’t wait. Hit me up with comments and suggestions, as always.

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