It may have only been a short couple of weeks, very short from my current perspective, but I’m back and have been working away for the last week. I managed not to get COVID before the holiday, despite my nagging fear, and the journey through the airports, both to and from Spain, were a breeze, despite all the horror stories on the news. Big up to Jet2 (will definitely be using them again) and to Stanstead airport.

My holiday with family and friends was amazing and I managed not only to have a great time but also to really relax. With loads of time on my hands, in the second week I ramped up writing, even producing a thousand work Agent Carrie Harris very short story about the place we were staying in. When we arrived back home, I also managed to complete the horrible task of getting last year’s accounts in order!

Plus I managed to finalise something I’m excited to share, but I’m not quite ready. As soon as I can I’ll let you know.


Stopping Power – An Agent Carrie Harris Undead Series – Since my last post I completed the first draft of episode 7 and have done the first run through of 5 & 6, with just half a chapter left of 7 to run over. Once that’s done I’ll be back at the start of 5 for another pass through these three, repeating until it’s ready for edit.

Episodes 2 to 4 are due back from my editor any time now and once they’ve arrived I’ll get them ready for release, write the short blurbs and get the limited edition A6 print runs ordered.

I have also produced a release schedule which is based on releasing a new chapter every three weeks, but that will mean the last chapter comes out in Jun next year. I’m going to do what I can to increase the release rate to every 2 weeks, meaning a final release date of March, but I need to see if that’s realistic for both my writing and for my editor.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back soon with my exciting news. Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.

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