This week has all been about getting the next set of episodes ready for release.


Stopping Power – Agent Carrie Harris Undead Thriller – The edited version of episodes 2 to 4 have come back and after about three hours of making changes suggested by the editor, plus accepting the grammar and punctuation changes, they are now ready for a final read through then proof and document production. After having a day off the day job, I’ve already read made progress on episode 2.

Episodes 5 – 7 are progressing nicely. I’m currently revising the last chapter in episode 6 so I expect to have completed this run through by the end of next week, even though I have a week off again. Then it’s back to another review of each, but they get steadily quicker and easier each time, so it won’t be too long, perhaps two weeks, before they’re off to edit.

I’ve agreed with my editor to shrink the time it’s taking to edit, which in turn means I can close the gap between releases, but that now means the critical part of the work is the time it takes to write the initial prose. However despite now planning to release once every two weeks instead of three, I’m not afraid of increasing that time to make sure the writing is as good as it can be.

With regards to preparation for release, I’ve now updated STOPPING POWER, the original short story, on Amazon to reflect it being the first in the episode and called STOPPING POWER: BRASS PIKE, plus I have created the series pages to hold all of the books. In the coming days I will set up a pre-order for episode 2.

That’s all for my news this week. I’m off work spending the end of the summer holiday with the family next week and I’m undecided if I’ll make a post, so watch this space. If not then I’ll be back in September for the latest news.

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