STOPPING POWER Episode 3 releases today! You can now get your copy of the third episode on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and as a signed A6 booklet directly from me.


A6 Copies:

You can check out the rest of the series here, including pre-ordering episode 4!


My current main promotion technique is using social media to give away signed copies of the first episode. Promoting this offer on the zombie group I belong to, I sent out 55 copies this weekend. Using the same method I have also upsold some people into buying the first three episodes and the other two short stories. This helps offset some of the costs of this campaign. I will continue in this vein until I run out of copies, which will be a while yet, and then I will evaluate if it was worth it based on sales of the rest of the episodes.


Despite being a bit under the weather this week, not COVID, I’m currently writing the first draft of episode 9, which I’ve outlined along with much of episode 10. These are the most difficult episodes I’ve had to write so far as I’m starting towards the culmination of the first series and I have to bring the story together and tie up all of the loose ends I’ve left laying around. The latter episodes will be very action packed, where as the episodes I’m writing now are fundamental to the plot and heavy in dialogue.

Feedback on the series so far has been limited but where I have heard it it’s been really great. Even with one person pre-ordering all of the episode as signed A6 copies.

Episodes 5 – 7 are still with my editor and are due back around next week.


It’s Godalming for me tomorrow and it’s a venue I’ve never attended before, so as always I’ll be interested to see how they reacts to my books.

That’s it for me this week. Comments and suggestions welcomed as always and I’ll be back in seven days.

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