Last Saturday I was at Godalming and at the very least I can now say I have learnt to spell the name with out having to retype several times or look it up. As always the town was lovely and much the same as all the other fabulous places where the hosts have the events, each somewhere I’d love to spend more time in at some point.

The footfall was great, but the mood wasn’t for buying, at least my books anyway. Okay, that’s not quite true, I actually came away with a profit on the day but it was about half what I’ve come to expect. This might have been down to my own enthusiasm as I was a little under the weather.

Next week is Thame again, where in April this year I made an average return. Let’s hope for more of the same or better!


I finished the draft for episode ten this week, a few days ahead of schedule, which means I’m now working on revisions of episode eight. I also had the edits of five to seven back from my copy editor this week and because the changes were very light, I didn’t lose much time processing them. I now have it printed out ready for a final read through then proof before it goes into production.

This all means I can be sure episodes 5-7 can keep my two week release process on track as I have three weeks until five releases. I am growing a little concerned that the episodes I’m writing right now will take longer and I might have to push the dates back a little.

As mentioned last week, these latter episodes are growing in difficulty to write, so whilst I work on the re-writes during my normal routine, in parrallel I hope to spend other time loosely drafting episodes eleven onwards to give myself a chance to put any extras into these earlier episodes in case they’re needed. This processes wouldn’t be necessary if I was writing the series as a book, but where would the fun be in that!


Episode four releases next week and I have a handful of pre-orders but I hope some more marketing in the coming days will push that number up. This effort is mainly about connecting with people I have already given free copies of episode one to.

Overall my sales are better than when I wasn’t doing any promotion, with my general increase in visibility lifting up the pages reads and sales of my books from Amazon so I hope it will keep up the pace as I release more copies of the Stopping Power series.

I’m not getting many reads of the series on Kindle Unlimited and I think this is because book 1 is not in the service on Amazon. If I sign up to put it on KU it means I can no longer give the ebook away for free, however the only free copies I’m giving away are in print, which will be unaffected. I’ll make a decision on this in the coming days.

In other business, whilst scrolling through Instagram I found a wonderful artist by the name of Ellectraart ( and found a powerful image that made me think of Carrie, which I’ve subsequently bought a print of. I messaged the artist to see if she’d be interested in a commission, depending on the costs. It would be amazing to have a really powerful image I could use for marketing.

It’s almost been a week now and she hasn’t responded. Patience is not one of my virtues!

Right. Now I have to get back on my relentless content production schedule. See you next week.

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