Last weekend I was back in Thame and despite a very slow morning I ended up with an above average profit. This is the second event where I’d increased the pricing of my short story bundle from £1.99 to £2.99 to cover an impending increase in credit card processing charges, and I can happily say that it hasn’t effected sales.

Books from both series sold well, with quite a few people buying multiple books, or a complete series.

With the events running up to Christmas only around the corner, which really means everything from November onwards, I’m trying to think how I can make my offering more focused to that market. I’m trying to the look for Christmas packaging that people can buy from my, either for single books or for a bundle, but I’m struggling with that search. I have a couple of leads but it means going outside to an actual high street!

My next event is Cranleigh on 29th Oct, a venue I have not yet attended.


I’ve recently started the latest run through of Stopping Power Episode Ten and at the moment I’m struggling to keep the episodes down to the 10,000 words mark. As I’m revising I’m adding content which is pushing the original end of episode cliffhanger into the next episode so I have to come up with another. However, despite this the progress is still marching in the right direction.

I have paperback copies of episode five, with six due for delivery today and seven due in another week. It’s great to be able to provide the episodes to those people buy the paperbacks sooner than the ebooks as they’ve made a significant investment in the series due to the way it is structured.

My schedule says I have about a week to complete this batch of episodes, but that just isn’t going to happen, I only expect to have completed the first run through by the end of next week so I’m about two weeks behind. I may have to send off individual episodes off for editing so I can keep to the two week release schedule for as long as possible. I anticipate episode ten might suffer a delay, but I cannot be sure yet as I have writing days off work where I might be able to catch up.


The method of giving away free copies of the first episode of STOPPING POWER does seem to be working. I have a definite, if not considerable, increase in daily sales of episodes two plus, but also of the other Agent Carrie Harris books. I need to keep finding more places to give away the books to!

The dyslexia friendly edition of IN THE END now has a release date of the 31st Oct and will hopefully sign off the changes to the manuscript over the weekend. I’m interested to see the changes that have been made!

That’s me for this week. I must crack on with episode 10!

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