STOPPING POWER: RAMPAGE – Episode 5 releases on Kindle today with episodes 6 and 7 available in paperback (A6 booklet) format from my web store.

With the truth laid bare about what she faces, and motivated by the terrifying consequences for so many should she fail, Carrie has no choice but to come to terms with the monsters she’s up against, and others working against her objective.


I’m currently on the second run through of episode 8 and as I have a few days off work I’m making additional headway on it. I’m now officially behind on my rather optimistic programme so I will be getting episode 8 fully ready for editing before I move on to eps 9 & 10 in hope I can claw back some of the time. This schedule is relentless, but its amazing for motivation and on the bright side, I’m already have a chapter written for episode 11 so that constitutes a day or two of work I don’t have to do.


I’m still giving away episode 1 to as many people as I can and this is resulting in direct sales in a steady stream. Sales via Amazon are okay and should hopefully get another bump up today with the release. I’ve neglected promoting the pre-orders on Kindle so I have very few of them to look forward to, but it’s all about putting in the time where it will be most effective.

I’ve found some really inspiring quotes that suit the series and Carrie so well that I’m hand writing these in each of the booklets I give away and sell. I think it’s a nice touch even though it’s more of my time I’m giving away.


Next week I am in Cranleigh and looking forward to checking out the new venue!

I’ve now had chance to look over the edits to IN THE END for the dyslexia friendly version and was surprised to see how many there were. In fact there were so many, either simplifying the language or restructuring the sentences, that there was no way I could go through it in detail to make sure I was happy with them. I have told the publisher that I will just have to take their word that they don’t effect the storyline and are just there to make it easier to read. The book releases at the end of the month.

That’s enough of my chatter, now go and buy one of my books so this is all worth it. See you next week.

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