This week is a double release!

Monday saw the first of my IN THE END series released in the dyslexia friendly format, I’m yet to get my hands on a copy, but you can grab yours from the publisher here. Today sees Stopping Power: Berserk, episode 6, out on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

Despite facing blind alleys and forced down wrong turns, Agent Harris tries her best to settle into the rhythm of working with a team. Pushing away her instinct to go it alone, with another man dead, the victim of a gruesome attack, she soon questions if there might be something else behind the terrible events.


Last Saturday was my first craft fair in the lovely town of Cranleigh which is near both Guildford and Godalming, two events which have been successful in the past. This new location didn’t disappoint. With a wide and airy hall, despite the footfall not being amazing, I achieved above average profit.

Sales faired well across my range of novels, but of course Carrie stole the show as she always does. Despite having the ‘Christmas cards from an author’ on display, I didn’t push them so I didn’t sell any but I may try that a bit more in the upcoming shows.

After a Saturday off tomorrow it’s then two in a row, Godalming and then Sindlesham, then a busy first half of December to round off the year before it all goes quiet until March.


Episode 8 is back from my editor and I’ll be dealing with that in the coming days, then doing the usual in preparation for sending to the printers and putting on Kindle pre-order for 2nd December. Episodes 9 & 10 will be off the editor very shortly too and then I’ll be working through the next revisions of episode 11, most of which is full drafted. I will be writing episodes 12 & 13, at least drafting them, before I get 11 ready for editing in case I want make some changes for plotting purposes.

I think I’m still in a good place with the schedule.

Last week I mentioned I’d had an idea for another Carrie Harris story but I’d leave it to one side as I had no time, well I didn’t stick to my plan. I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit, especially whilst running as it helps to pass the time. I’ve then been scribbling down notes with sweat running off my palms and in the evening I’ve been putting the ideas into words. I’ve got quite a framework coming along for the story now, along with the first couple of chapters and the ending.

It’s still not clear if it’s going to be a short story, novella or full novel, but I’m happy either way. If it comes out as one of the first two it means I’m a little further on with a collection of short stories I thought about putting together. The only thing I have to do is to make sure it doesn’t eat into my Stopping Power writing time!

That’s it for today as I have a release newsletter to write and a little bit more editing to do before the day ends! Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.

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