Having concentrated on STOPPING POWER this week, as I know I should, I’ve finished off a well developed draft of episode 11 and I’m now working on the first draft of episode 12. As you can imagine, the first drafts are the most time consuming and intensive to write but the story line is coming along nicely and I’ve introduced a secondary thread to which will appear in these later episodes.

Episode 8 paperback has just arrived from the printers and I’m excited to be able to tell everyone it marks the middle of the series!


I was meant to be attending an event at Godalming this Saturday, but the organisers asked if I would swap to its neighbour, Guildford. As I have only been at Godalming in the recent few weeks (a bit of an error on my part when I was planning), I was glad to take up the chance to be back at their headline event which was a good success last year. It doesn’t matter that I’ll be back in three weeks time, due to the high footfall.


Sales are tracking along okay with a small core of people buying the new Stopping Power episodes as they are released, and some sales on the first book on Kindle, I’m also giving away quite a few signed copies. Other sales are still okay too.

I had the idea of running a free promo on the first episode and using the book email marketing services I’d used before, however after taking a look at the one I wanted to use, I found they had a 50 page minimum requirement, and the first episode is only 31 pages long. Thinking as I type, perhaps I could combine episodes 1 and 2, or more into a single new release and market that as free…

I’ve always said that although I’m pretty sure I get very few sales as a result of this blog, it is useful for focusing my mind, and I’ve just gone ahead and proven it to myself! I will now go on and develop the idea!

That’s it for this week. Onwards and upwards!

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