It’s nuts, I know, but episode 8 is now out on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited and you can grab your copy here.

The release of this episode signals the half way point of the series. Only 7 more to go until the end of season one!


Tomorrow is the start of four events in eight days before the craft fair season comes to an end. And I’ll miss it.

Although for much of the time I’m standing behind my stall waiting for someone to take my offer of a bookmark and then come and talk to me whilst I judge whether or not I think they’re interested or just want a chat, and the rest of the time I’m looking forward to what I’m going to have to drink that evening. Still there is nothing like the feeling of selling my books to complete strangers I’ve inspired with a promise of what is held between the pages.

It will however be nice to have the weekends back, especially the lay ins, and anyway, we start again on the 11th March!

Anyway, it’s not over yet

Inspired by a Black Friday sale on business cards, I’ve ordered myself a new set which are solely for the purpose of driving people who can’t make a decision at the stall, or say they will check my books out online, to Amazon. They have a simple front with just my name and then my two headlining books on the other side along with a QR code for my author profile. Perhaps they’ll do the trick, and anyway, I’m such a sucker for print!


I now have half decent drafts for episodes 11 and 12 and so I’m currently working on the first draft of episode 13, fleshing out the significant outline I’d already prepared. I’ll see how time is getting on when I complete the current run on 13 as to whether I concentrate on getting 11 out or if I try and put some flesh on the very basic outline for 14.

Either way, I’m making good progress on the series and the light at the end of the tunnel is more than just a spec in the distance.

I was sitting down watching TV the other day and I had a little idea of a side project. Even as I write this I’m reminding myself that I already have plenty of ideas for side projects, and this is another to compete for my attention.

I get asked a lot, especially at my events, about writing, which of course I’m happy to talk about. But what if I can talk about it and then offer them a copy of a book in which I’ve detailed everything I’ve learned. I’m not suggesting it will be a book about how to write, I’m far from qualified in that department, but it would be a book designed to guide those starting off who don’t have the first clue. It would be kind of a book form of how this blog started off. I’ve started making some notes about the different subject areas and it’s vast the kind of things I’ve had to lean by discovery on this journey.

Right. I think that’s about all I have to say for this week. By the next post I will have been to three more events so will probably have lots to talk about. Stay safe and feel free to post any comments and suggestions as always.

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