Last Saturday saw the return of the Sindlesham event which is one not organised by the people who run the majority of the events I attend. Previously this event has been held over two days and has been a great success, but this year is was only over one day.

At previous attendances I would break even on the first day and the second day would be where the profit came in. I feared with it only being one day it might be an issue, and I was right. I basically made a profit of about £4, which also coupled with the fact the many of the people who I saw had already bought my books, and although they enjoyed them, were not in the mood for buying more.

I will have to seriously consider if I attend the planned summer event next year.

This weekend I have no events but next weekend sees the start of a run of four across eight days to sign off the year.


Everything is focused on STOPPING POWER and I’m expecting the A6 paperback for episode 9 today and I’m shortly about to submit episode 10 to the printers.

I’ve put a lot of effort into the outline for the final episodes and I think that’s pretty much done so I’m now working through the mature draft of episode 11 and the partial draft of episode 12. There’s still 7 weeks until the release of episode 11 so I’ll probably get to the end of drafting episode 13 until I get back to polishing episode 11.

Reviews are coming in pretty consistently for the episode and they’re all five star apart from a couple which are four. I did a quick check on Goodreads and people have created duplicate entries for the books which added another 20+ reviews to the haul. The duplicates happen because my author name on Amazon is GJ Stevens, whereas Goodreads forces me to us G.J. Stevens. I have requested the duplicates be merged with the books on my correct profile.

With regards to the paperback sales of the episodes, I’ve sold around two thirds of my stock of episode 2 which means if that carries through to the rest of the episodes then I will be in profit across the paperbacks, considering the printing cost only.

I have decided that I will not be getting any more printed as I don’t want to be trying to sell the individual episode paperbacks near to the time when the series is completed (other than to people who have been buying the other episodes). This means I only have around 25 copies left available, a figure I can use to prompt people who are sitting on the fence about when to buy.

I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to work on next and I’m nearly at a decision to work on the getting the second book in the Fate’s Ambition series edited and ready for release. It needs a lot of work but it’s all in the edit. If I need to create some more original work then I have an Agent Carrie Harris project to start which I have no idea length of yet.

That’s me for this week. As always, comments and suggestions are welcomed.


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