Saturday saw the last event of the year and on the back of a string of profitable craft fairs I had high hopes for Henley. It didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t the highest grossing of those I’d attended in the last few weeks but the results were greater than the last time I’d attended.

Now I have packed away my stock, ready at some point in the near future to work through the list of tasks before everything kicks off again in March. Amongst them including lifting my prices across the board to £9.99 per signed book, preparing new sets of short story packs and ordering a whole new load of stock.

There’s an outside chance I’ll having Stopping Power the full novel ready for the new events but it’s not my priority as it’s not something I’ll be pushing in this forum.


Stopping Power: Ricochet (Episode 9) releases today and marks four weeks until episode 11 is out, that’s important because it’s not finished yet and is giving me a little cause to panic. There is not much work left on it but I need to get my finger out as soon as possible.

The reason for the delay is I’m up to around the middle of episode 14 in the drafting process, and perhaps a little bit due to having started work on my new publishing book. Stay focused Gareth!

That’s it for today, although I could talk about many things for hours on here, I have to concentrate on productive or sales focused tasks. This is neither, I’m afraid.

Comments and suggestions welcomed as always!

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