With the last of the shopping done, I’m ready to set up the cocktail bar in the kitchen and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and welcome in the new year. We’re having a quiet festive season and I’ll be working at the day job between the two sets of bank holidays, which on the bright side means I won’t miss out on my normal writing routine for at least three days.

It will soon be January and the start of another year closer to my goals with more releases planned and exciting projects with plenty of promise on the horizon. Hopefully some of the world’s problems will get sorted out in the 2023.


Stopping Power episode 11 is back from the editor part way through my final read. Before long it will be in production and with the printers and Amazon for pre-order. I’m not sure how long the printing delay for Christmas will be but I should have it back at least for release day.

I’m now working on episode 12 which I hope to have ready for early in the new year for edit, but I think I’ll be cutting it a little fine for the schedule. We’ll see.

Outside of my normal writing time I’ve been spending about half an hour most days putting together an outline for my publishing journey book. I’ve hit ten thousand words already and have come up with the format and identified headings for pretty much everything I want to include. Now it’s just a case of getting the sections drafted. With this kind of book Scrivener’s binder format is coming into its own, allowing me to put in placeholders for subject areas then mark of each as I fill in the words.

Once Stopping Power season one is complete I’ve decided the next project will be to get the two Fate’s ambition sequels edited and published, this decision is in part fuelled by the reflection the preparation of my new non-fiction book has given me. I want to maximise the assets I already have and as they’re sitting there, it makes sense to get them out to the world. It will also help assuage the guilt I feel when people buy the first book when I don’t know when I’m going to release the next two.

That’s it for this short update, I should be back next week with a reflective post about what I achieved in 2022 and what I’m aiming for next year.

Happy Christmas!

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