Stopping Power Episode 11 is on pre-order and the paperback booklets have arrived from the printers. Episode 12 is with my editor and expected anytime soon. Episode 13 is in the final draft and I’m now working on the second draft of episode 14.

My publishing book now stands at 16,000 words, mostly still in outline, but I have confirmed the book will have short and snappy sections to introduce ideas and concepts which will then enable readers to do their own further research if they want to get into the detail.

I think I will call it something like an essential guide to kickstarting writing a book. That’s not the main title, of course.

Scrivener, the writing software I have used for a long time, is really coming into its own writing this book, in particular with the ring binder feature. This allows you to produce each subject area in a single text file and then enables you easily move it around in the structure of the book. It also makes it very easy to outline the book’s section and then come back afterwards to write the detail.

I’m targeting around fifty to seventy thousand words. If the sales go well then perhaps I can produce updated editions or standalone add ons with more detail in different subject areas.


Sales are predictably low because of the month and I’m not doing much promotion at the moment, other than in my newsletter. I’m going to look at doing a Facebook boosted post to see if I can get some movement on the STOPPING POWER books, plus it’s a good opportunity to get some information for a section of the publishing book.

I’ve decided I’m going to start trying to engage more on social media, in particular in the Zombie group and my fan club as I feel both are in danger of stagnating.

It’s a short post this week as I’ve just got my head down into the writing and I’ll be back next week with my latest updates. Comments and suggestions are welcomed as always.

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