Stopping Power is coming along well with episode thirteen only needing a couple more revisions cycles, fourteen drafted and now fifteen a mixture of outlined and drafted. This last week I’ve been concentrating on figuring out the ending of the season, which I finished outlining on Tuesday night and I’m really pleased with it.

Knowing exactly where everything is heading I’m having to move later chapters into earlier episodes in order that I can be sure to not overtaken my maximum word count per episode of around 9,000 words. This number is based on the requirements of the printed A6 paperback. Ideally I should draft all episodes before finalising the earlier episodes, however there is no time to do this to hit the release dates.

Episode eleven releases today. Here’s the link if you’re reading this and haven’t yet purchased all of the episodes to provide your support. đŸ™‚

As I’m coming toward the end of the season I can’t decide whether to get a professional cover designed for when I release Stopping Power as a single book. It’s not just the expense, although that is a significant consideration, people who have been following this journey since September know the cover I’ve used for each of the episodes. It’s something to think on, for sure.

I feel under a lot a pressure to hit my self-imposed release schedule, in particular because the ending of the season needs more attention that those episodes in between. This has meant I’m putting more hours into writing in the evening and weekends. All this said, I work well under pressure and I’m happy the quality is staying consistent.

If you asked me know if I’d write and release in this way again then I’d probably say no, however I’ll likely forget the pressure in a few months time. Perhaps next time I will get a larger amount of episodes ready before I start releasing them.

Although I’ve held back a bit on my publishing book because of Stopping Power, I’ve hit 21,000 words and I’m adding more sections and subject areas all the time.


Partly for research purposes for my publishing book and partly so I could drum up some more sales, I put together a boosted Facebook post and it’s been reasonably successful, having given away a few more free copies of the first episodes of Stopping Power, along with some additional sales.

Here’s a copy of the image I put together.

Sales have picked up a little, especially the audiobooks. Not sure why. I have been making a consistent effort to post a lot more on Facebook in my various groups, so perhaps this is a factor.

I had a very encouraging email from the people working to try and put one of my books on screen which although it told me of a pass by an interested party, they are determined to find a way.

I’ll leave you with that positive news and get back to writing. Catch you next week!

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