Stopping Power – Episode 13 went to my editor this week and hopefully will be back well in plenty of time for it’s release in three weeks. Episode 14 is well developed, needing perhaps only one more serious run through which will take about a week, so I’m spending the next few days building episode 15 up from the outline before I go back to 14.

The end really is in sight for this project and it won’t be long before i have to decide on getting a cover produced, or whether to use the existing one. A lot of things hang on whether I’m going to get this cover done professionally, including needing to update the booklet of the first episode so I can get more printed as I will continue to sell / give these away to promote the full book and the rest of my catalogue.

Publishing Book – I have not written much on this project as my evenings have been taken up with getting Stopping Power written, but I should make some progress next week and when Stopping Power is finished, I will be concentrating on this book alone.


Other than posting daily in my Facebook groups and new subscribers from mailing list promotions, I’m not really doing too much. Sales are okay, although sporadic. I had a better 2nd release day of the year. I must remember just after Christmas no one is in the mood, or has the money for books.

Most of my sales are for those who continue to by the Stopping Power episodes from me directly and my goal before the end of February is to sell as many of the episode 2+ books as I can as once I start advertising the combined paperback I won’t be able to sell the booklets.


Although my first event of the year is not for another 50 days, I’m starting my preparation in earnest soon, ordering stock for the year and getting the short story parcels packed and ready ahead of time. I’m also trying to source more complimentary products to sell alongside my books.

That’s about it for this quick update and I will be back next week. Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.

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