Episode 12 of Stopping Power releases today and really highlights that these last few episodes are taking much longer than I’d like to get out into the world. With episode 13 back from the editor and amended in line with the edit and comments, it just needs a proof read, formatting and the blurb for 14 and it will be ready for pre-order, hopefully by the end of this weekend.

Episode 14 is in the final stages of what I hope is the last major revision run, although there will be at least two more read-throughs before going off to the editor. I need to get this off within another week if I have any hope of sticking to my schedule.

Episode 15 has a solid draft and I’m really pleased at the foundations I’ve laid for what I hope to be a fitting ending to the season, however I’m very concerned about word count as the draft is just over 8,000 words and it will only grow as I revise, edging very close to the 9,000 word limit. I have included an epilogue which I wrote whilst on holiday last year, so if anything goes it will have to be those 1,000 words. However there are a few alternative ways to release the prose. It could work as a prologue to the next season, or even as a pre-season teaser. We’ll have to see.

I’ve not worked on my non-fiction book this week but I have started preparing some of my materials for when event season kicks off in March. We did a massive declutter of the cupboard where I store my stock it will soon be time to fill it up with books!

That’s it for this week, I have no time to spare. Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.

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