Episode 13 should have released today but I somehow set it for two weeks time. I’m not surprise I got in a muddle as there is a lot consider. I now have the episode releasing on Sunday, which is the earliest day I could bring it forward.

The second draft of the final episode of Stopping Power is now complete. I love the ending. It suits Carrie so well and I can’t wait for people to read it.

I’m now well through the complete third draft and it looks like I should be well inside my deadline for edit! This time next week I might have put the writing aspects of the project to bed!

Episode 14 is back from the editor and along with the amendments I’ve made a few additions as I found a couple of holes in ep 15 that require more in ep 14. They’re only small so I hope I haven’t screwed up the prose!

Having the cover designed has forced me to make a few decisions and I’ve opted to just use the episode 1 & original short story blurb for the entire book. It’s short and sweet but sums up the start very well.

Last night I saw a cracking review for episode 2.

Thrilling. Like watching a spy movie! GJ Stevens has the ability to describe what’s happening in so much detail that it feels like you’re watching a movie. I’m really enjoying this series! The first book was scary. This one was thrilling!

I’m so pleased with this because it’s exactly what I was aiming for!


Sales are going okay, and I think that’s down to my increased social media activity and promotion of Stopping Power as people are reading across the range of my back catalogue.

Last weekend I ordered over £500 of book stock and it’s going to be fun finding somewhere to store it.

That’s it for this short update. Comments and suggestions welcomed.

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