On Sunday I managed to complete episode fifteen and the last in the STOPPING POWER series. It should be back from the editor within a week! Wahoo! It feels odd to have completed something that has taken over the last six months of my life, but I’m already well into the next project.

This week I have been concentrating on my publishing book and in four days I’ve written over 7,000 words. Although I’m pleased with the progress, I’ve found that writing non-fiction is much less satisfying than crafting a fictional world. However I’m committed to the project and keep reminding myself of my goals for this year.

  • Write and publish the writing and publishing book
  • Edit and publish the second book in the Fate’s Ambition series

I’ve come up with the basics of a title for my non-fiction book, but I won’t share it quite yet as I want to play around with the words in my head for a little more time. The new title is actually two titles and has also given me the idea that I may split the book in two and release them separately. The first book would be on writing and publishing, and the other as selling books. In addition, it would make more sense from a commercial standpoint as well.

I plan to write the book and then see if there is enough material to reasonably split it into two.

In other news, the cover for the combined paperback of STOPPING POWER is being designed as we speak. Very exciting!

After having pushed to give away free copies of STOPPING POWER episode one, ever since Sunday I’ve been having to spend my evening signing and doing postage for the things! Hopefully it will be worth it. I need to spend more time preparing for the start of events which kick off on 11th March, and I managed to find space in my house for my recent stock delivery.

That’s it for this week. I have a day off the day job and we’re off to Hayling Island for a night in a hotel to celebrate my wife’s birthday. Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.

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