STOPPING POWER – Episode 14 is out today, and with episode 15 back from my editor, I was pleased to hear her great feedback on the ending. It’s now been formatted and off to the printer. I’ll set it ready for pre-order this weekend.

I’ve spent an hour or so putting each of the episodes together into a single paperback so I can get the page count for my cover designer. Work started yesterday and she’s already sent over the concepts. It was a very simple choice to make as I wanted it to be along the lines of the simple cover I produced. We’re now just going back and forth with refinements here and there and then I don’t think it will be long until it’s ready.

With regards to a release date, I have to balance releasing the paperback with selling all of my booklet paperback stock. I’m in profit on the print run and so every one I sell is a bonus. Of course, I want to make the most of what I have left. There are nine complete copies of the season available plus enough for everyone who has already started the season to buy the follow on books.

I think that perhaps I will release the complete series paperback in April at the latest, I don’t think I can wait much longer to order author copies, and in the meantime see how many of the booklets I can get out.

PUBLISHING BOOK – This book is motoring on, and I’m up to forty thousand words and at least two thirds through the initial draft. For the first draft I’ve been getting the basics of the ideas down and I expect the word count to grow a little with each subsequent draft. Some of the content has been quite tiresome to write whilst other sections I’ve quite enjoyed. I think perhaps on the next run I will try and spice up the work a bit more as I don’t want it to be bland to read, despite it being a non-fiction book.

I keep forgetting that I don’t have a looming deadline for the book, which helps me to relax and then I remember my urge to get it completed as soon as possible!


With my summer plans with the family sorted, I’m in the position to book another four events over July and August. I’ll let you know which ones I choose once they are confirmed.

I spent much of last weekend getting everything ready for the first event of the year and I think I’m pretty much there. I’m certainly looking forward to getting back out there to talk about books again!

I forgot to mention last week that the second novel in my IN THE END series came out in a dyslexia friendly format last week and you can purchase it here. I’m hoping to have copies available for my stall.

That’s it for this week. Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.

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