The paperback for the entire first season of Stopping Power is now officially out and I’ve had some sales! I received author copies from Amazon in record time , just two days, which means I have them for my next event in two weeks time. I don’t expect them to be big sellers at the graft fairs as they’re not necessarily the best place to start with my fiction if you’re new to me. Ideally I want people to buy my other series first.

The publishing book, Your Book Won’t Sell Itself is still in edit and I’m working on the blurb, but now is as good a time as any to show you the cover art draft.

I can’t wait to get this book out and I’m already trying to think of more non-fiction books I can write, possibly producing more detailed dives into particular aspects of the whole process.

Their Right to Vengeance, (I managed to spell it right first time for once,) is coming along nicely and has grown by about 2,000 words (not that I want to increase the word count). I’m just under 25% through the edit. It’s looking like about 10% completed a week, so two more months to go on this round!


Henley was a strange event from a sales perspective. About mid morning sales were good and then they stalled, coming in dribs and drabs which left me thinking that I’d be lucky to break even. However in the last hour I sold enough to beat the profit set by the previous event, which was of course a relief. I hope the events continue to build in strength as the year goes on.


I was asked if I’d help a fellow author out with a movie review for their quarterly magazine because someone had dropped out, and after a little back and forth I agreed to provide a book review instead, having listened to just the novel suitable for the magazine’s topic. I only had a short time to produce the review but it only needed to be a couple of paragraphs. The author liked the style of my review and decided to offer me a permanent slot. Knowing that it was all exposure, I gladly accepted! It also means after a month of the magazine’s release I can also use the review for my newsletters as extra content.

This week I received both my author copies of IN THE END Dyslexia Friendly edition and my first royalty statement for the sales for the first quarter. That private island in the sun is still quite a way off but every one of these little income streams adds nicely to the pot!

For those of you interested, below are a few photos to show how the versions vary.

That’s it for this week. Feel free to let me know what you think of the cover and the blurb of my latest book.

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