It’s out! Today is the day when the second book in my IN THE END series is released. It’s hard to believe I started working on it back in February 2018!

Originally I had no intention to do anything with either novel, other than to publish it on my blog, but when IN THE END was greeted with such praise, I decided that I should also release the second. At the end of this post I’ve added a timeline of the novel’s creation up to this point, if you’re interested.

For those of you who don’t know what the book is all about, I’ll bring you up to date whilst trying to keep from spoiling the litter of surprises.

The first in the series, IN THE END, follows a group of friends who whilst partying the night away in Cornwall, UK, miss a mass evacuation of the peninsula. Not knowing what the fuss is all about, on New Year’s Day the friends make their way from the small retreat they’d booked for a party, only to find the dead rising!

Looking to Logan, just an ordinary guy, to be their leader, the group diminish as they battle to stay alive. More people left behind join with them, thinking soon that they’ve been saved, only to find they have to run faster and danger is not only from the creatures which come from horror movies.

Cutting now to the end of the book, and in a lull in the fast-paced action, those who survive look out from a rooftop, staring at a camera crew in the carpark below, wondering what their story could be.

BEFORE THE END tells of how Jessica Carmichael ended up being in that spot in the middle of the unfathomable mess. The novel follows her journey as she strives to discover how the outbreak happens, with a desperate need to break the news to the world so people will have a chance to save themselves, despite what could be a great personal cost.

Now here’s the official blurb!

Digging up this once-in-a-lifetime story could have lethal consequences…

Jess Carmichael longs to break a news feature that will change the world. But the TV reporter never expects a mysterious telephone call from her ex to be the source. Rushing to a shady government facility, Jess struggles to believe the outrageous reports…

With her loyal camera crew by her side, the intrepid journalist arrives in Cornwall at her partner’s last known location. But when Jess pushes for access, she gets more than she bargained for. Still kept in the dark, she’s about to play a starring role in a twisted and grisly exclusive…

Can Jess expose a sinister cover up before millions fall prey to a zombie outbreak?

Before The End is the second and standalone book in the thrilling post-apocalyptic series In The End. If you like dark horror, fast-paced action, and bloodthirsty zombies, then you’ll love GJ Stevens’ high-stakes tale.

Now if that doesn’t get you ready to buy the books then there is nothing more I can do! Here’s the links to both the books.



Both books are available in print and kindle editions from Amazon. Ebooks are also available from Kobo, Smashwords and Google Play store. All accessible from the above links!

The books can be read out of sequence but I would recommend reading in order.

What next?

The audiobook for BEFORE THE END is in production, with a squishy release date of early in the new year. At some point, again in the new year I’ll be producing the large print edition.

Then it will be time for book three before you know it, slated for release this time next year. Next week I reveal the title! If you keep an eye out, I already mention it in one of the interviews to be released later today.

Bringing Before The End to Life

For those of you who are interested, here’s how the book came to life:

February 2018 – I wrote chapter one and published it here on this blog.

June 2018 – Two days after my birthday I wrote the last chapter after pretty much writing and posting a chapter a day.

December 2018 – With the release of the 1st in the series, I picked up the draft of BEFORE THE END and started the first round of editing.

January 2019 – Whilst editing, Book 2 finds its title!

March 2019 – I finished what I thought was my last round of editing and submitted to my editor for manuscript evaluation. At the end of March I received the evaluation and then spent the following month on another round of editing, tidying up plot and characterisation.

April 2019 – The manuscript heads off for a beta read.

June 2019 – Beta reading comments and feedback come back and I start a fairly extensive review and rewrite of the some of the early sections of the book. Once I’m done it’s back over the beta reader.

August 2019 – The beta read completes and final changes are made based on the feedback. Then off it went to the copy editor to deal with any spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, plus to catch any more general comments. The book goes on pre-release when I confirm a deadline for the final edit.

September 2019 – The copy-edited manuscript comes back and after reviewing the edits and making some other updates, the paperback cover design is set with the spine width and a proof of the book is ordered.

October 2019 – Proof copies arrive. It’s such a great feeling and it goes through two rounds of proof reading. The manuscript is then set in stone and ready to be produced. The ebook version is sent out to ARC readers in time for release.

November 2019 – After twenty-one months and with no more to do on the book itself, it’s time to move on to the next project. There’s plenty of marketing to do and lots of finger-biting.


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