My Publishing Journey: I have a series!

With the release of BEFORE THE END last week I now have a series of books out! (Well two!) It’s a great feeling. In this weeks publishing journey update I talk about the new release and what I’ve been up to in the last two weeks.


Unless you have only just started following me, you should know I released the second book in my zompoc thriller series (IN THE END), called BEFORE THE END last week. I’ve been building up to this for a year, but I started writing it back in February 2018.

If you haven’t already checked out the book, you can here.

I had the day off from my day job so I could fully concentrate on the long list of tasks I had to complete. Here’s of a few of the jobs I had to do.

I even managed to do some work done on the third book in the series and sign-off the cover for Operation Dawn Wolf.

Here’s a look at the ad images I’ve created.

Marketing & Promotion

With the initial spurt of sales over, I’m concentrating on a slow and steady, and free approach to marketing. Using social media, I’m playing around with tags and finding new Facebook groups to advertise in.

I’m advertising in both genre related groups and general groups, advertising the two novels together and then separately advertising my FREE mailing list magnet on alternate days. If you’re an author and want to promote your books to then there’s a list of the general book promo groups I’m advertising in for free at the end of the post.


With BEFORE THE END now released I’m only working on three books concurrently! And wait for it, here’s a big name reveal! The title of the next book in the series is…..AFTER THE END.


The third in the series takes up where both IN THE END and BEFORE THE END finish. I have an outline and an approximate ending, this one will not be a cliffhanger and will draw the series to a close, of sorts, whilst leaving open the possibility of more novels.

So far I’ve written two of four planned acts and it stands at around 57,000 words, 13,000 of which I’ve written since last week.


This is at the proof-reading stage and is the first in the JAMES FISHER series about James, a guy who can make anyone believe what he says with a simple touch.

It’s the first book I wrote, then rewrote and again about ten or more times. It releases in February and I’m announcing the cover to my mailing list, but I also gave a sneak peek on my Instagram Story last night!


On release day for BTE I also managed to complete the blurb for the back of the book and my designer completed the paperback cover. I have the proof arriving today. I love this part so much!

The blurb is not traditional as it is meant to read like a non-fiction report of the events that took place. With the redactions, of which the book is filled with, I think it looks great, but I value your opinions.

This book will be released early March 2020, going on sale with Amazon, plus I will be giving the book away free as the reader magnet for my mailing list as it ties into FATE’S AMBITION and another four books I’ve already written.

What’s coming up this week?

Well so far it’s going to be more advertising and getting words down on the draft for AFTER THE END, unless anything exciting drops in my lap!

Thank you for reading and as always your comments and suggestions are welcomed!

Don’t forget, if you haven’t checked out a copy of BEFORE THE END, you can by following this link!

Facebook Author and Book Promotion Links

There’s many more so I’ll publish an update as I find and join them.


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