With the final episode out last week I now have the paperback version of the entire series in my hands. I’ve yet to run through it for proofing but it looks awesome and is pretty thick. I love a thick book.

The audio production is just about getting underway, as is the production of the two Carrie Harris short stories. They will be completed first as my narrator is using them to fill in some empty production time she’s found

I’ve still only got a vague idea of when I’m going to release the combined version of the full season but I’m going to run a half price sale on the booklet versions to see how many I can shift before I nullify them with putting the combined one on sale.


This is very nearly ready to go off to my editor, it will only be a couple of days if not sooner. Wow this was quick to produce, I guess in part because it’s just a case of writing information I already know, where as with fiction I’m making it up as I go along. Taking into account editing time, I’m guessing I might be able to get this on the shelves in May.

I’m thinking of having a go at producing a cover for this book myself. It’s quite funny because in the book I say how important a professional cover is, but I guess it doesn’t matter so much for non-fiction. I still want the cover to be good quality, so I’ll have to see what I come up with. The main reason for exploring this route is that it’s meant to be a side project but a professional cover through my designer will be £400 plus and I doubt I’ll sell enough copies in my lifetime to get that back.


I’ve picked up a Carrie Harris story I’ve been working on here and there for a short while now, filling in times when I’m free but not able to work on my laptop. I still plan to spend most of my efforts on the second book in the Fate’s Ambition series though when the publishing book is off to edit.


It was great to be back in Guildford again but it was obvious to most stall holders that it was the first event of the year as although footfall was high people weren’t spending much. I made a small profit, about half my average, which was helped in no small way by my price increase. Once again I spoke to lots of nice people with one person buying four books. I also got loads of great audiobook recommendations.

Fate’s Ambition did so well I needed to order more stock for the next event! I also realised I’m running of bookmarks and when I was about to order I found the price has nearly doubled. However, shopping around and getting a bespoke quote meant I ended up getting them cheaper per unit than I’ve ever paid. I only made one little change to them this time as I’ve very happy with how they’re working at my events. I’ve order 5,000 this time so that should last me a couple of years.

I’ve also asked the same company for a bespoke quote for my novella booklets. If that comes out well I’ll get five hundred of each printed, if it doesn’t then I’ll consign those books to a future compilation of my stories.

I think that’s about everything that’s happened this week. Next weekend I’m back in Henley, a tried and tested event which is close to home. Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.

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